Acne Control

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There are lots of pharmaceutical and natural remedies that can give you acne control. This rebelous skin condition needs all the attention, otherwise its outbreaks grow stronger and stronger, and your looks become almost impossible to maintain effectively. I’ve only mentioned pharmaceutical and natural cures for acne in the first line, and I deliberately left out cosmetic skincare products. What you find on the shelves of the supermarkets may do more harm to acne-touched skin. Therefore, you need to look for treatments elsewhere.

The natural remedies against acne prove quite numerous, sometimes being included in pharmaceutical formulas as well. Acne control can be achieved with homemade remedies provided that you are consistent in their use and have patience to let them work. Lemon juice and tomato juice, tea tree oil and lavender oil are just a few example of natural acne treatments. They can be used in parallel with specialized anti-acne products in order to achieve better results.

See a dermatologist to have your skin condition properly diagnosed, and follow the specialist’s recommendations.

Determine what type of skin you have and purchase only products that match it: wash, moisturizer, anti-acne cream, toner and even make up.

Pay attention to the soap you use for cleaning your face, because you may aggravate your condition. Soap usually dries the skin, which is a problem for oily and mixed complextions due to the fact that the oil glands will thus be stimulated to secret even more sebum.

Stick to strict hygiene rules for better acne control. Don’t touch your face, don’t squeeze pimples and+ clean the skin regularly.

Pharmaceutical formulas also provide good acne control, thanks to the antimicrobial and antibacterial agents they contain. Examples here may include:

-Octopirox (Piroctone Olamine);
-Triclosan (Irgasan) etc.

In addition to these, acetylic acid is often included in the blends of pharmaceutical anti-acne products. More traditionally known as aspirin, this remedy reduces the swelling caused by acne, making the skin look normal. Herbal extracts support the dermatological formula for improved acne control. Some labs have designed anti-acne products based on thermal waters. Others focus on a herbs with a recognized anti-microbial action. The recipe may differ but efficiency is usually high.

You are not going to find such treatments for acne control on the shelves of the hypermarket. They usually sell through drug stores, and although they do not require a prescription, it would be best for your health to purchase one following a dermatologist’s recommendation.

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