Acne Care

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Acne care usually refers to both treatments used to bring the condition under control and to daily hygiene rules that you follow in order to make acne manageable. There are lots of acne treatments now available that do more than just eliminate blackheads and whiteheads. Specialized products may be used to complete each other and keep the skin free of acne bacteria. Thus, there are pharmaceutical companies that have real acne care kits, including face washes, moisturizers and toners.

1.Be firm and consistent about hygiene. The day’s activities rule your schedule. Yet, you need to set times to wash your face with a quality cleanser. Don’t use oil or alcohol-based products because they aggravate acne or increase the predisposition of your skin to acne. Stick to the acne care regimen recommended by the dermatologist, because that will give the best of results on the long run.

2.Don’t touch your face, because your hands are a major source of bacteria. Use hair straps to keep long hair away from your face, and change the pillow case every night, in order to bring the acne outbreaks under control. The hands, the hair and the pillow case are sources of bacteria that invade the skin pores and proliferate, thus causing the pimples.

3.Clean your face with a mild cleanser after intense physical exercise. Don’t allow sweat to linger, because that too aggravates an existent skin condition. For better acne care, you should use an exfoliating mask once or twice a week to remove the dead cell excess and prevent the pores from clogging.

4.Don’t let acne become severe before you take measures against it. If you see a dermatologist and start putting acne care advice into practice as early as possible, you will reduce the chances of having to deal with stubborn acne breakouts all the time. A doctor has better knowledge of skincare products, regimen and procedures for acne care, and thus, he/she can provide the most trustworthy recommendations you can get.

5.Don’t squeeze, scratch or pick at the pimples. Lots of people feel somehow relieved when they manage to pop an irritating zit on their face. Yet, that won’t go away as easily as that. The skin becomes red, irritated and painful in many cases, and the chances for a more widely spread infection become higher. By squeezing zits you will just aggravate the condition. It takes a bit of awareness and self control, but you can refrain from popping the pimples.

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