Acne Scar Removal

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Finding and testing various treatments for acne scar removal could be both costly and time consuming. Sometimes such searches lead to major disappointments, the way it happens with most of the wonder acne scar removal creams available on the market.

Specialists warn consumers that such products do little more than just moisturize the skin, therefore, you should not waste your money on valueless treatments, and go to the dermatologist’s office for help instead.

Every acne scar removal treatment ought to be chosen depending on the sufferer’s type of acne, medical history and allocated budget. Not everybody has an unlimited amount of money to spend on laser treatments, for instance. Therefore, you need to really know your options.

Laser skin resurfacing or laser peel

This is a type of acne scar removal procedure performed with pulsating light beams. Depending on how severe and extensive the acne scars are, the intervention could last from 30 to 120 minutes. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis. Make sure you provide all the medical history details to the specialist.

Chemical peels for acne scar removal

By using chemical agents, the doctor removes the top layers of skin, with the scars. This promotes tissue regeneration. Depending on the severity of the scars, the doctor uses superficial, medium or deep peels. Deeper chemical peeling is not a good option for dark complexions because it may cause bleaching.


As part of this procedure, the superficial skin layers are frozen, and the specialist removes them with a sanding motion. The recovery takes longer for dermabrasion, and the patient needs to be very careful with post-intervention care in order to help the tissues get back to normal. After dermabrasion, your skin will be swollen, red and painful.


While dermabrasion solves the problem for medium and severe forms of acne scaring, microdermabrasion works for minor lesions, skin blemishes and acne marks. It only goes superficially deep in the skin layers.

Creams and lotions

Most of the creams for acne scar removal contain some chemical peeling agent. Their efficiency is debatable. You should talk to the specialist and find out whether your skin condition can be effectively addressed by the use of topical agents, or whether it requires a more serious approach.

Prevention of future scaring is also essential for good skin looks. You can’t expect your skin to look great if you have not brought the acne outbreak under control. That should be a major concern!

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