Acne Home Remedies

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We have lots of acne home remedies at hand, yet we know so little about them. Thanks to the Internet, we can now learn how to fight acne with simple natural treatments that put no extra strain on the family budget.

The TOMATO MASK brings the powerful action of the tomato juices to your help. Before you use the mask, clean the skin with warm water and soap, then, tap it dry. Out of precaution you should first test the skin reaction to tomato juice first by applying it on a smaller skin portion. Such acne home remedies are very easy to apply: just cut a tomato in half and rub it gently on the face. Leave the juice dry on the skin for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. To be used twice per week.

MINT for acne! You can use both peppermint and spearmint, although the former is more valuable from a medicinal point of view because of the menthol content. Wash a handful of mint leaves and crush them using a mortar and pestle. Apply the leaves and juice on the acne affected skin portions. The juice might seem a bit oily, because it contains oily substances indeed. Leave the juice work for 15 minutes than rinse. From the various acne home remedies, the mint mask has an immediate soothing effect, reducing the swelling and killing the bacteria responsible for the acne breakout.

LEMON JUICE and ROSE WATER is a natural combination that effectively fights acne. Lemon juice has an astringent and mild antibacterial effect. The rose water is also a mild antibacterial agent, yet, it also mitigates the rather harsh impact of the lemon juice on the skin. After using these combined acne home remedies, you should not expose your skin to the sun, because of the lemon juice. You should also discontinue using the treatment if you develop local irritation because of the lemon juice.

These acne home remedies are just some example of a very long list of possible combinations. Mother Nature has hundreds of solutions for pretty much any type of ailment. Various homemade acne treatments include aloe vera, honey, bee propolis, calendula and chamomile oil, oatmeal and lots more. Consistency becomes a must in the use of the various natural cures, and although you may notice results after a first application on the skin, the treatment cannot stop to that, if you intend to eliminate acne for good.

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