Acne Remedies

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With acne being such an universal problem, the acne remedies available are so diverse and numerous that one does not even know what to choose. Should you go for natural, homemade cures or try commercial or even pharmaceutical products? Tough question indeed. Here are a few aspects to help you get started:

What type of complex do you have?

Oily skin is more prone to developing acne. All the cosmetic skincare products should be specialized for your type of skin. Using a dry skin moisturizer for instance on a mix or oily complexion only aggravates the condition, making the pores more clogged. Hence there comes acne.

Have you used any acne remedies before? How consistent have you been?

Lots of people use a product once or twice, or maybe they prepare a homemade mask every week for a month or two, and then they expect their skin to look like a baby’s. Things are not that simple with a skin condition like acne. Remedies ought to be carefully chosen and used on a regular basis for more than three months before you can see results. Quality skincare products do indeed reduce skin swelling and redness, but acne goes away over a longer period of time.

How much attention do you pay to hygiene rules?

Acne remedies will work better for you if you follow strict hygiene rules. Here we refer to cleaning the skin twice per day with products that are adequate for your skin type. You should avoid squeezing zits and picking pimples because you will thus only spread the infection, causing more damage to the skin. This often leads to scars.

Avoid touching your face with your hands because you can thus aggravate an infection!

Wash your face with lukewarm water and balanced pH soap. Dry the face by tapping, not by rubbing it with a towel.

Change the pillow case every night!

Avoid heavy makeup that clogs the pores and allows toxins to accumulate in the tissues!

What is your diet like? Do you eat natural raw food or highly processed meals?

Foods are not direct acne remedies however, diet affects the overall health condition. If the body is intoxicated by the consume of unhealthy foods, the elimination of toxins through the skin may be held responsible for acne. Remember that skin is an organ with an important part in the system detoxification. If too much pressure is put on it, acne could be one of the consequences.

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