Treatment for Acne Scars

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Acne scars seem like a double punishment: first there were the horrible pimples and now you have their constant reminder to put up with. The acne lesions eventually heal, but the way the skin recovers matters most because that makes the difference between scars and smooth appearance. Mild acne seldom leads to scarring. It’s with acne cysts and red inflamed pimples with papules that deeper skin problems develop. The more severe the acne form, the higher the risk of acne scars.

It’s normal for the skin to remain reddish or brownish after a pimple fades away. No treatment is necessary, and the blemish goes away in a short while. The scarring risk gets higher with picking and squeezing zits. In the majority of cases, acne scars take two forms:

-deep and narrow;
-depressed (also called rolling scars).

Acne scars should not be treated until the acne condition is brought under control. Otherwise, new lesions could further worsen skin health and the treatment for acne scars will have been in vain then. If the acne is gone, and your skin has remained scarred, you should see a dermatologist or specialist to have your condition evaluated. Then, you can see what your options are in terms of treatment for the acne scars.

Chemical peels or microdermabrasion

These are optimal solutions for mild acne scars. Such procedures can be performed right in the office and they are less costly than major treatments. With the chemical peel, the specialist applies an active agent at the skin surface to eliminate the superficial layers of the dermis and thus trigger tissue regeneration. The scars will become less visible and will eventually heal. With microdermabrasion the top skin layers are removed by sanding, with a special tool.

Laser resurfacing

For more severe acne scars, laser therapy could work better. The top layer of skin (which is the most damaged by scarring) is removed with the laser, then the area around the scar is targeted to stimulate natural tissue regrowth. The dermis secrets collagen and grows new tissue that will then fill the scars naturally. The result is clean, smooth skin.

Collagen injections

Sometimes doctors inject material into depressed acne scars to raise them to the normal skin level. The solution may not be permanent, as you may have to do periodical visits to the doctor’s office,
yet, such treatments might work fine for some people.

Make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right treatment for acne scars.

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